An Audiobook is a Must

This exciting romance was written by Jennifer Byars and published by Graham Publishing Group.

Imagine someone listening to your book while they’re sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in.  Imagine someone listening to your audiobook driving across country. It’s happening more and more.  The audiobook industry is nearly a billion-dollars strong. As an author, you don’t want to miss out.

More and more people are listening to books rather than reading them. It is easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling.  From an author’s point-of-view, it’s good business. The fact is, audiobooks can have a positive effect on the sale of your print book and your ebook.  People who listen to audiobooks often buy the print book later, assuming they were blown away by the audio version. People who listen to books are also quick to endorse your book to friends and family who prefer to read the print or electronic versions.

Because so many audiobooks are being produced through Amazon’s Audible and because of the popularity of Amazon’s Whisper Sync, authors are seeing increased sales to their Kindle books as well. Audible features nearly 100,000 books; if you are one of these, it makes it far easier for readers to find you. The audiobook pool is small compared to books in print, so it’s easier for you and your book to stand out.

At Graham Publishing Group, we realize that not everyone who enjoys a good story is a reader, so we encourage our clients to explore creating an audiobook, and we help them navigate the increasing noise around this new vehicle. Non-readers, as this group is often called, are as enthusiastic and committed to audiobooks as readers are to print books. It’s an audience you don’t want to ignore.

Yes, there is a process that you have to go through to produce an effective audiobook, but the industry – in particular Amazon – is making this easier and more accessible.  But Amazon is not the only player. Companies like ACX and have hands-on processes that might also appeal to you.

Whichever way you decide to go, an audiobook has to be professionally done, just like your print book and your ebook. Don’t skimp. Be as proud of your audiobook as you are the print and electronic versions, and your “listeners” will take note.

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