Five Habits of Effective Digital Marketing

Mixology is the second book in a modern fantasy series written by Jennifer Byars and was published by Graham Publishing Group.

Don’t you hate that phrase: effective digital marketing.

Don’t you hate when you hear about how successful some guy or girl is in getting their product noticed; in the case of this blog, the book that you have written or had ghostwritten.

Here is what I know. It’s all about making your daily marketing routine into a habit; or more than one habit, as it turns out.  Here’s five to try on for size.

Habit One: The Best Laid Plan. 

Sorry to share the bad news, but you have to have plan and you have to be organized.  Whether it’s posting on Good Reads, tweeting, or penning out a press release, you have to be precise even as you’re being creative. You have to know your budget as well as you do the proper use of the active voice.  A campaign for selling your book will only goes as far as the best laid plan.

Habit Two: Pivoting.

Even as you’re evolving your marketing plan, be prepared to be patient; but also be prepared to change direction.  Evaluating your plan is a constant.  Being willing to alter your strategy, tweak your tactics, and pivot as soon as the window of opportunity opens have to be part of your thought process.

Habit Three: Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Know what’s out there.  Know what’s coming down the pipe.  There are marketing websites galore and even more management tools. Which work. Which are hype.  Do your research and do it on a regular basis. Advertising on Facebook may have been trendy three years ago, but is it still?  What did Facebook accomplish that you can replicate another way?  Where did Facebook fail that can help you know?

Habit Four: Don’t Drive Yourself Crazy

There are a million people marketing the same concept.  How often has someone offered to improved your SEO?  How often has someone offered to manage your social media?  If you’ve going to an industry event, know that 90% of what you’ll see is passe. You need to ferret out what isn’t passe and trust your instincts about the new and different.

Habit Five: Stay Pumped

Look for the things that get you excited. New trends. Old favorites. Niche markets.  Hitting a homerun even after you’ve struck out.  And you will strike out. If you can’t handle it, don’t step up to the plate. If you like the rush of trying something new or getting something right, digital marketing might just be for you.

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