Five Steps in the Self-publication Process

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You’ve written an awesome book. It may be your first, your second, or your tenth. It may be a novel, biography, business book, or self-help book.

Now it is time to see your creation in print, in an e-book format, and perhaps even an audio version. There are Five Steps in the self-publishing process, also called independent publishing, and each is essential to the success of your book.

Step One: Creation.  It doesn’t just happen; you have to sit down every day and write the book of your dreams.  Or you can hire a qualified, talented, and knowledgeable ghostwriter.  Do your due diligence. Don’t skimp on credentials, talent, or experience.

Step Two: Editing.  There are three types of editing to consider: developmental editing, content editing, and copy editing.  The goal of developmental editing is to raise your book to it’s highest level of presentation. Content editing emphasizes the language of your book.  Copy editing makes sure the finished manuscript is as clean as possible before entering Step Three.

Step Three: Book Design. This enormously important phase of the process includes Cover Design, Interior Layout of the book, and e-book conversion. This is the land of experts. You want your book in the hands of book designers who have the experience and skills that your book truly deserves.

Step Four: Production. This is a two-part process.  One, you want to work with a printing house that not only produces the highest quality print version of your book, but one that also distributes and fulfills your book when someone purchases it. Two, you want your electronic book available on every major online platform, from Amazon and Barnes & Noble to smartphones and computers.

Step Five: Marketing.  Do not stop with a well-written and well-designed book. Marketing your book is all about gaining exposure. Amazon sells the majority of books, so know the ins and outs of their various campaigns and use them. Use digital marketing at every level, from social media to book bloggers and book reviews.  Lastly, educate yourself in tradeshows, book wholesalers, and libraries, or hire someone who can help.

It’s your book. It deserves the best you can give it.

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