Gaining Exposure for Your Book

This extraordinary memoir was written by Heath Smith Callahan and published by Graham Publishing Group.

Here is the challenge that every self-published author faces; actually it is the challenge that authors who are working with mainstream publishers also experience.  How do you gain maximum exposure for your book?  You have to get it out there where readers know it is available.  Exposure means being online via social media. Exposure means having a presence in chat rooms. Exposure means creating podcasts or finding podcasts willing to feature you and your book.  It means exploring traditional media. It means considering PR relationships. It also means being willing to attend or present at any event that it pertinent to the business of selling your book and marketing yourself as an author.

Marketing your book has to be viewed as a business.  You have to be willing to invest in your business.  This investment may very well include giving your product away in order to create a long-term platform.  Think about this. What is your market? If you’ve written a health book, then consider sharing your book with chefs, with health food stores, with cooking classes, with culinary schools, with fitness centers.  This is a short-term investment that you hope to parlay into long term marketing opportunities such as seminars in culinary settings, guest appearances at your local gym, speaking engagements at the local Rotary, and podcasts targeting health and fitness. You get the idea.

Consider building a website dedicated to your book and you as an author.  But if you do so, you need to market your website so people know it exists.  If you live in Denver, how do you let someone in Tampa know you have a book? Don’t just market the book, but market the health concepts that your book advocates. Don’t just market locally, use your SEO to market to people in Tampa and to health conscience cities and towns across the country.  Know what people are searching for based upon your books material and build your web marketing accordingly.

Everyone talks about how much reviews effect your ranking on Amazon and Smashword and Barnes and Noble, but should you be prepared to pay for reviews from places like Kirkus or Publishers Weekly or similar services?  Do your research. It works for some, but not for all.

Start by writing a commercially viable book. Then, make sure your book design has commercial viability. Then, look at your book as the product that it is and take every step possible to create exposure at every level.

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