Ghostwriting is an Art

Legacy Of Wisdom Ecover

This fascinating book on the topic of wisdom was written by Gabrielle V. Taylor and published by the Graham Publishing Group

The best ghostwriters are generally successful authors in their own right.  They are generally highly published and very often critically acclaimed.

Like the books that ghostwriters author for their own literary collections, the books they author for their clients require all of their skill and dedication equal to the commitment they demonstrate in the writing of their own material.

Ghostwriting is a business, but it is no less an art than any other kind of writing. In fact, it is, in many ways, an art with more entanglements.  A ghostwriter is taking a client’s idea and/or vision, embracing it, and crafting it into something that effectively and creatively reflects that idea or vision.

The ghostwriter who is authoring a novel will honor the plot inspired by his or her client, while also infusing that plot with elements that the client may not have considered. The ghostwriter takes the characters his or her client envisions in the novel, and then adds depth and emotion beyond the client’s point of view. All the while, the ghostwriter is building a collaborative relationship that includes the client’s input, desires, and aspirations. It is a balancing act.

At Graham Publishing Group, we can tell you that this balancing act applies with equal vigor in producing a memorable biography, stimulating business book, or inspiring self-help book.

Ghostwriting is different from authoring your own book in a number of ways, not the least of which is the relationship-building that it requires with the client. This is an art form in its own right. The voice, tone, and style that a ghostwriter creates in writing a client’s business book, memoir, or novel has to be a product of the client’s personality and world view. This takes a delicate hand.

The interactive nature of working with a client also requires effective communication, an insightful eye, and, very often, a degree of patience the ghostwriter might not need in writing his or her own material.

At Graham Publishing Group, we team with ghostwriters who not only write with exceptional skill, but who recognize the importance of the client/writer relationship, and know without a doubt that ghostwriting is an art that only a few can truly master.

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