Independent Publishing – What Is It?

This sci-fi novel was written by Kevin Note and published by Graham Publishing Group.

Independent Publishing is about you as an author going into business. Yes, the business begins with the writing of that special novel, biography, business book, or self-help book that you have long dreamed of completing, or with the hiring of a talented ghostwriter to assist you.  However, creating the product – and make no mistake that your book is a product – is only the beginning of every successful business.

Writing is hard work.  Independently publishing your book is also hard work. Both are extremely gratifying.  One is an extension of the other. Why? Because you are now in a competitive business environment where your success is judged just like any business; by the quality of your product, by your connection with your customers, by your willingness to apply your creativity to marketing the product you’ve created.

What are the elements of a successful business? It begins with a motivated and talented team. When the hiring begins, choose wisely. The very good news is that you are in control. You are the CEO.  Independent publishing is about having the final say on every important step in the process, from copy editing to book cover design, from the interior layout of your book to the choice of the font. You approve of the printer, the distribution they offer, and the fulfillment process they use.

Keep in mind that you are now a publisher. You are very likely NOT a book designer. As the CEO and publisher of your business operation, it is highly recommended that you bring onboard a top flight book designer who will collaborate with you in designing your book cover and in satisfying all of the formatting issues for both your eBook and print book. Don’t be intimidated; there is nothing in this process that is over your head, so don’t let anyone convince you there is.

Next on the list is understanding your costs.  At Graham Publishing Group, for example, we give our clients a quote on everything from copy editing and cover design to online marketing and upload fees.  Be comfortable with these costs, but don’t let the costs override a great product.

Last but not least, you have every right to expect a beautiful, highly professional book, both in print and electronically, and don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes.

Remember: you’ve chosen to enter the world of independent publishing. It’s a full-blown business, and you’re capable of driving its success.

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