Know Your Book Designer

an image of the Winning Wasn't Enough ecover

Winning Wasn’t Enough was written by Jessi Shamis and published by Graham Publishing Group.

When you are independently publishing your book or self-publishing, a book designer can and should be your best friend. After all the work you’ve put into creating a special novel, biography, business book, or self-help book, you deserve a finished product that looks fantastic, feels great, and reads easily.

Tip 1.  Know what you’re getting. Make certain that your book designer explains every step in the process, from proofreading and book cover design to the proper interior layout of both your print book and e-book and the exact files you will need to implement your marketing programs.

Tip 2. You own the rights to your book. Always. The copyright is in your name. Always.  You own your book cover.  Always.

Tip 3.  Make sure you have a contract with your book designer.  Make sure you know what’s in the contract, even if you have to show it to an attorney.  Make sure the terms of completion are spelled out to your satisfaction.  Make sure there is a termination clause that fits your needs.

Tip 4.  If there is an issue about whether you are going to give your book designer credit for his or her work, make sure you cross that bridge before you sign any agreement. Acknowledging your book designer is very common, especially if they’ve done a good job.

Tip 5.  How much input do you want to have on the design of your book?  You should have the final say-so on the cover, the interior, the size, even the paper. At Graham Publishing, we always solicit the input of our clients. It’s your book. Get involved.

Tip 6.  Know exactly how the design process works. Know exactly how many iterations of your cover you can expect to see.  Know exactly what your part in making changes will be.  This should be an interactive process. If it’s not, find someone else.

Tip 7.  It’s all about communication. If you don’t see the potential for a fun and creative relationship with your book designer, look elsewhere. We are talking about a trusting relationship here; if you don’t believe your designer has your best interest at heart, say goodbye.

Tip 8. Finally, a really good book designer knows the world of publishing and should be willing and able to share his or her knowledge. At Graham Publishing Group, we want you to be successful.  Your book designer should feel the same.

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