Self-Publishing Mistakes

This book, written by Simon John Lee and published by Graham Publishing, explores 18 techniques that rely on the law of thirds to communicate, problem solve and manage people.

Self-publishing is world filled with opportunities. It is also a world filled with challenges, uncertainty, and, very often, disappointment.

If you are self-publishing, it means you’ve spent considerable time writing your book or collaborating with a ghostwriter. Whether you’ve written a novel, biography, business book, or book inspiration, you’ve accomplished something most people only dream about, and that accomplishment is very personal. Your effort deserves the best possible self-publishing experience.

At Graham Publishing Group, we offer publishing assistance and consultation that begins with designing a memorable and distinctive book cover, crafting the interior layout for your print book, formatting your book for the electronic edition, and an offering of online marketing services to help gain exposure for your book. We offer advice on the best printing houses for your individual needs and individualized author website creation.

Mistake # One: Thinking of these various stages as separate from one another. They are all interwoven and have a singular goal: getting exposure for your book. Creating a social media presence goes hand-in-hand with marketing your book. Designing your author website and creating a special book cover can be done simultaneously. Creating a list of book-bloggers you intend to contact is directly influenced by the kind of book you are writing, which also influences the kind of marketing you’ll be doing.

Mistake # Two: Waiting too long to get started on the process. Building a social media platform is something that takes time, so launching your marketing efforts well in advance of the book’s release is critical. Website development should also be initiated well in advance of completing your book, and since the website is often designed around your book cover, starting that process should also be done well ahead of the final manuscript.

Mistake # Three: Not thinking out of the box when it comes to marketing. Yes, you need to acknowledge that Amazon is the dominant player in self-publishing. And yes, you want to maximize your exposure by choosing the right categories for your book and thinking long and hard about the keywords that you select. But what else can you do? What about speaking engagements? What about local TV or public radio? What about building upon your Facebook outreach and Twitter? What about trade shows? Thinking out of the box is often about legwork, so don’t shy away from the leg work.

At Graham Publishing Group, we look at self-publishing as a business. If you’re going that route, make it your business.

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