Book Covers and Book Sales

This thrilling fantasy novel was written by Jennifer Byars and book design by Graham Publishing Group.

One of my favorite places is the bookstore. Strolling leisurely through the aisles. That new book smell.

I love seeing all the books lined up on the shelves. A new world waiting to be discovered, a new adventure, a new character waiting to tell me a story. All those books waiting to be found and explored.

You know that anticipation when you find a cover that catches your eye, daring you to open to the first page. This often time leads to the second page and third, and then the store owner asking you to leave because they are closing for the evening and you have been there since noon.

Can book design influence book sales? Absolutely.

The details of your plot, setting, and characters draw the reader deeper into your story and the world you created. The details of your cover help the reader find your story, help start the journey. From typography, genre, color scheme, and imagery, these are all details that should be carefully considered.

Before anybody reads a word of your fantasy novel, spy thriller, or biography, the first thing people see is the cover and the book design.

Think about wondering through those rows of bookshelves or scrolling for your next read online, searching for a new adventure, a new character to fall in love with. I always feel like an explorer who has discovered a treasure trove. It just me and the books. The world falls away.

A unique, commercially viable cover is essential to standing out. A cover representing you as an author and all the hard work and dedication you poured into your novel. Writing and publishing a book is an extraordinary triumph. The design should reflect that achievement.

Need help. We got you covered.

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