Book Design and the World of SEO

image of the cover of "The Aftershock"

The Aftershock, an inspirational memoir, was written by Kelli Poles and published by Graham Publishing Group.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization.  Spooky words. Especially if you’re a writer who has just completed his or her novel, biography, business book, or book of inspiration. All you want to do is get your book to your book designer, get a great cover designed, and then get that baby up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or whatever online platform you prefer.

All well and good until it comes to marketing your book. And, by the way, your book does deserve to be marketed. You may not understand it, but marketing and SEO go hand in hand.  You’re a writer and you love being creative.  Now that your book is done, get creative with marketing and the best use of Search Engine Optimization using blogs, web content, and industry articles.

SEO is Not Brain Surgery

Most of what you need to know about SEO is straightforward.  Even simple.  You don’t need to know code or how to build a website. All you need to know is how to communicate like you normally do with your readers.  Know your audience.  SEO operates upon simple keywords that people just like you and me type in when we’re searching for anything.  For example, you’re looking to learn more about book design.  Do you type in:

  • Tell me about the technology surrounding typesetting
  • How does book design work?

Which is most likely?  The second one, of course.

When we blog, we’re told to include potential keywords or key phrases that people searching the internet might use.  Okay, then think like a regular person like you and me typing in search words about writing or book design, or historical fiction, or women’s studies.  Then incorporate those into your writing. Simple, but extremely important.

Don’t Over Think It.

The very good news is that you have very likely been putting these key words and phrases into your blog and web content without really thinking about it.  I would encourage NOT to think about it.  Just write the way that you always do, then circle back around and pick out those important keywords or phrase.  Makes some tweaks if need be. You might even highlight them. Google and Yahoo and all the search engines love highlights.

Practice the SEO craft.

Think about the importance of marketing. Make it a priority. Let it seep into your writing. The more you have SEO and marketing in the back of your mind, the more you’ll start to envision its use and the easier it will be to incorporate it in a creative, productive manner.

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