Book Design. What is it really?

This exciting fantasy novel was written by Sara Lopez and book design by Graham Publishing Group.

Book design is the process of developing or typesetting the interior of your print book and adhering to the specification of the printer or online platforms like Amazon KDP or Barnes and Noble. This is essential and can affect book sales and distribution. All print book interiors we create are custom and professionally designed to the specifications of every major print on Demand Company.

Just as important is how your book is displayed page to page to the readers. What is the font that best serves the interior of your book? What does the chapter heading look like? Should we use a decorative drop cap? What formatting best fits your material and genre?

What else is book design?

I don’t know about you, but first thing, when I pick up a new fantasy book, I flip to the map at the beginning. It sets the mood for the whole book. Each one unique and intriguing, like discovering a new world. That’s book design.

It is the smile on a kid’s face reading their favorite story for the hundredth time. The illustrations and words coming alive.

Book design helps set the stage for a mystery that needs to be solved. It is a platform for the acrobats, artiest, royalty at court, and thieves in the night, all waiting to perform and astonish. That is the power of a beautiful, well-designed book.

Yes, book design is about trim size, typography, page count, and fonts. But it is about quite a bit more than just that. Book design is how the world will first see your book, how the characters and story you created are displayed and presented.

If you need help or are looking for more information and guidance, give us a call.

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