Don’t Wait: Get Your Story Written and Published

The Rigel Affair was written by L M Hedrick and published by the Graham Publishing Group.

  • Having a great story inside you is only the first step.
  • Bringing the story to life is hard work, but it is as worthwhile a goal as there is.
  • Seeing that story in print is special.
  • Handing your printed book to a friend is beyond special.

We all have a story in us, which means we all have the power to see that story come to life and to be published in a most professional way.  A powerful narrative has a way of capturing the attention and imagination of audiences in a way no other device can.

Storytelling stories is also an effective way to impart ideas and information. Storytelling allows us to share individual experiences while exploring old and new ideas. In fact, storytelling is ideal for turning dull, uninteresting ideas into compelling, captivating narratives. But don’t stop there.  Tell your story and see that story into print.  We always say: the power is in the story. But there is more to it. The power is in seeing your story told and seeing it published and available to anyone who wants to read it.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell.

It’s been said that every person has a story. As humans, we are attracted to stories — our thought processes are designed to understand and retain information better through stories, which is why so much in the way of information and imagination has been handed down over generations through stories.

Pick a Genre, Any Genre.

Consider for a moment the many stories you could tell. Does your family have an interesting history, one worthy of a biography or memoir?  Are you a business person with a story to tell about your profession? Do you have a novel stuck in your head that is dying to get out? Is there a message you would like to share with the world?  The possibilities are endless.

You Say You’re Not a Writer?

Not a problem. There are ghost writers and editors who can help you shape and craft your story for a wide range of topics and audiences.

You Say You Haven’t a Clue about Publishing.

Not a problem. There is a book design group that is perfect for you, and the right group will offer the kind of publishing assistance that will have you grinning from ear to ear and savoring the work you’ve created.

If the power is in the story, then start today.  Tell yours.

If you’d like professional help in writing and publishing your story, we’d be happy to help you at Graham Publishing Group. Visit us online at, give us a call at 720-366-6401, or drop us an email.

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