Ghostwriting a Business Book

Rings of Value was written Timothy M. Beglin, with book design and marketing Graham Publishing

You’re a business leader with a business to run.  You may also have a great idea for a business book that will, in fact, expand your business. The problem is moving from idea to words on a page. That is where a skillful ghostwriter can help. You have an expertise.  So do a select few ghostwriters; the expertise to bring your message to life and do so in a way that represents you and all the hard work you’ve put into getting where you are in your professional life. Be assured, there are many people excited to know what you know. Time to take the next step.

Lots of business people fancy themselves effective writers, and many are. But writing a memo or whitepaper or newsletter is not the same as writing a book with 40,000 words or more. A professional ghostwriter gathers the information you wish to put in your book via material you may have on your website, via blogs you may have penned, or via interviews that he or she will conduct with you.  Phase two is taking that information, giving it a form (usually in a chapter outline) and then find a voice, tone, and style that fits you.  This is so important.

Ghostwriting a business book is not so different from writing a novel or memoir.  While your collaborator will have a framework and structure that you will approve beforehand, the actual writing is still one page at a time. Still hard work. Still a skill few have.  You have a message to share; that is your expertise. Your ghostwriter – one of exceptional skill – brings the message alive; that is his or her expertise.

Now you have to find this person. Hanging up a shingle doesn’t make you an expert, no matter what the field.  Do your homework. Talk to people. At Graham Publishing Group and Mark Graham Communications, we welcome these conversations. We welcome the scrutiny. Ghostwriting is about building strong and durable relationships. It’s work, but it should be fun at the same time.  Being creative is very often messy and untidy looking in from the outside, but a truly professional ghostwriter is able to use the chaos to his or her advantage. When you see your book coming together, it is special. When you put your mark on your book, it brings it to a new level. When it’s done and in print, you have a lasting legacy.

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