Marketing Your Book

After publishing your book and ebook, the big question is, “How do I market what I’ve written?” With any book, the most important part of the online publishing process is letting readers know your work is available, what it is about, and why they need to read it.

At Graham Publishing Group, we utilize the latest and most effective resources available to maximize exposure for your very special book and ebook. We personalize the process to fit you and your book specifically.

Our sales and marketing strategies includes:

  1. Title submission and author information submission to specific forums, message, and discussion boards. This includes the ten most visited and highly read forums specific to your genre and audience. This will alert thousands of readers about your title’s release and initiate exposure surrounding that title.
  2. Book submission to twenty-five online blog sites specific to the genre of your title; once accepted, the very important sites read and review your work and disseminate it to their followers. These are the most powerful people in the business and very important to the exposure of your book.
  3. Creating an increasing and constant presence using major social networking avenues, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and LinkedIn.
  4. Posting advertisements and book cover images linking your book, website, and sales page to book bloggers with whom we have established working arrangements.
  5. Submission of your book to 100+ book reviewers, who will then distribute your title via their email lists.
  6. Creating press releases to be sent across the web along with submission samples of your book where appropriate.
  7. Weekly submission of your book to numerous high volume book blogs and literary websites, affecting a continuous online presence.
  8. Submission of sample chapters and/or sample pages to web-specific sites, availing 200,000 + readers with the opportunity to sample and/or purchase your work via registered platforms.
  9. Email marketing, dissemination of your title, synopsis and author information to over 2,500.
  10. Niche social networks and communities, directly related to your title, genre and literary communities.

Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, self-help or business, a biography or a book of poetry, our marketing campaign is designed specifically to create the most exposure for your manuscript.

We are dedicated to each book we market, and we are committed to giving your book the best opportunity to sell and be successful.

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