Plan A: Market the Heck Out of Your Book

This thrilling fantasy novel was written by Billy Wright and published by Graham Publishing Group.

You’ve heard the saying: There is no Plan B.  That’s how you should feel about the marketing of your book. Plan A: Market the heck out of it.  If there is a Plan B, it should be: Market the heck out of it even more.

Yes, I know, I’m putting the cart before the horse. First you have to write the book of your dreams.  Novel, memoir, business book, advice, self-help, a book health or inspiration. Yes, that book. It is an undertaking, no doubt about it. But everyone who has ever taken the arduous road to write a book or have a book ghostwritten is overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction when they hold that printed book in their hands. It is a proud moment.

Go One More Step. 

But don’t stop there. Don’t just hold that beautiful book in your hand. Now go out there and make a business of it.  Find your audience and start the process of building a brand around you, as an author, and your book, as the product,

Consider first that you have to create a buzz for your book even before it is finished. Not so much with incessant posts asking people to pre-order your book, but with information and tidbits about you and your book.

Give Your Reader Something of Interest.

Don’t just ask your audience to spend their money. Give them something of interest. Facts from your book. Teasers.  Tell them who you are. Creating a buzz is not about asking your reader for something, but rather giving them something so when the book comes out, they are ready to buy.

When the book is complete, go on the offensive.  Work with the best book designer you can find. Your book cover and the interior layout of your book speak volumes about the quality of your book.  That done, now you have something to offer, so make sure everyone knows you have something to offer.

Build a Platform.

You will want to establish a presence on niche social networks and similar communities directly related to your title, genre, and literary communities. Start locally, letting every TV, radio, and local publication know that you’ve got something that can help them sell newspapers or build their audience. Use everything from Instagram and Twitter to Tiktok and LinkedIn, but also do your research to find out the best ways to use these social network devices.

With any book, no matter the genre, the most important part of the publishing process is letting readers know your work is available. There is an audience for every book; it is just a matter of finding it.

Don’t Spend Money Foolishly.

Beware of vanity presses and services promising things they cannot possibly promise. There are no guarantees.  The only guarantee is the hard work you are willing to put into the process.  Have a blast doing so.

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