Pre-Publication Book Marketing Strategies

A fantasy novel written by Charles Quinn and book design by Graham Publishing Group.

With any book, one of the most essential parts of the publishing process is book marketing. How do you let readers know your work is available, what your book is about, and why they need to read it?

The earlier you can begin your marketing campaign and build your audience, the better. Don’t wait for your book to be finished.

Below are a couple strategies you can easily apply to your pre-publication marketing campaign.

  • Amazon Pre-sales. Give potential readers a destination to get more information when discussing your book and begin building your pre-sales. This is also an excellent opportunity to start researching your genre, keywords, and target audience.
  •  Social networks and Literary communities. Finding literary forums, messages and discussion boards is a great way to connect with others and discuss books directly related to your title and genre.
  • Writing a marketing burb. A compelling blurb introduces readers to your story, enticing them to buy your book. A blurb is a powerful marketing tool that can be used throughout your campaign on various platforms.
  • Setting up an author website. An online presence is key to building your brand as an author. A professional landing page or website is a beautiful way to introduce readers to your content and start building up your email list.
  • Start a blog. Starting a blog is a great way to connect to your audience, share your message, be creative and inspire readers. Also, a blog can help boost your website’s SEO, gaining exposure and visibility for your website.

Writing a book is hard work; it takes dedication and commitment. The earlier you start the marketing process, the better.

Above are just a couple of examples to get you started. Take simple, actionable steps to build your platform and author brand before the book release date, putting yourself in the best position to be successful. Have fun!

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