Self-Publishing and Book Design Essentials Part Two

A mystery novel written by Kim Stewart and book design by Graham Publishing Group.

You have written a book and have decided to self-publish, so what is next?

In part one, we began discussing some of the essential elements of the self-publishing and book design process.

During the self-publishing process, there are many details to consider and questions to be answered. You want to ensure that your book is presented in the best way possible and puts you in the greatest position to succeed.

Let us get into part two of self-publishing and book design essentials.

Does your book need copy editing? And what is it?

Copy editing is the process of making the manuscript as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar, and word usage and is the last step before sending the manuscript to a book designer.

No matter the genre, fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or self-help, any book can benefit from copy editing. After all the hard work and late nights, you want to feel confident your manuscript is as clean as possible before publication.

What is print book interior layout, and how does it affect my book?

Print book design is another key aspect of independent publishing. Print book design is the process of choosing the typography, the size of a book, and how your story will appear to the reader page by page.

Print book interior design certainly adds to or takes away from the reader experience. The interior should reflect all the hard work you put into composing your manuscript and represent your book in the best possible way.

Do you need to convert your manuscript to an ebook?

Many major online platforms require a different layout or file type. You want to ensure your ebook fits the requirements of each specific platform. This allows for the best presentation on any e-reading device.

Entering the world of self-publishing can be challenging. There are a lot of details and considerations, the process can seem overwhelming. But it does not have to be. It should be fun. Consider some of the self-publishing elements we have discussed and how to best accomplish your goals. You have worked extremely hard, and now it’s time to share your work!

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