Book Design & Self-Publishing Assistance

A Gift Like Zoe's

Following a near-death experience, a rebellious teen struggles with life, and as hard as she tries to live the life she had before her NDE, gentle nudges and strange coincidences guide her on a path toward spiritual awakening.

There are significant steps that need to be adhered to when it comes time to self-publish your book.

The first, of course, is creating a special book that meets your expectations and is ready, in your eyes, for the reading public.

Once the book is done to your satisfaction, the manuscript will need to be professionally copyedited and proofread. This is the process of making certain the content is as clean as possible with regard to spelling, grammar, and word usage. This is not something that you, as the writer, can do. It takes a special eye, and our team of copy editors at Graham Publishing Group have proofread hundreds of books. This is not an expensive process, but it is a vital one.

When you have accepted the copyeditor’s changes, the book moves onto our team of book designers.

Book Cover Design
The next step is designing a memorable book cover, one that you are proud to have grace your book and one that catches the eye of the reader. The aim of our team of professional book cover designers is to create something amazing and commercially viable, but also to make sure that it is exactly the cover that you want and represents you and your book, no matter what the genre. At Graham Publishing Group, we want your input. We want to hear your ideas.

A book cover is part of your marketing strategy, so we take it as seriously as you do. It’s all about exposure, and a memorable book cover can draw attention to your book purely as a visual. We design 4-8 covers for your inspection, and work with you to pare it down to exactly what you want.

Book Layout and Design
Now that you’ve successfully finished your book and it has been copyedited to your satisfaction, our next step, and one that is often overlooked, is designing the interior of your print book and e-book. This is the process of developing an attractive formatting of the words that the reader will see page to page, chapter to chapter and which will be bound by the printer and transfer to online platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. At Graham Publishing Group, some of the simplest questions are the most important. What is the font that best serves the interior of your book? What size of font? What does the chapter-heading look like? What type of formatting best fits your material and helps deliver your message? The answer to these questions is critical, and your input as the author is vital.

Ebook Conversions
Formatting the interior of your e-book is just as important as print book, if not more so. Each online platform – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, etc – each require a different layout. If an e-book’s interior layout does not fit the requirements of the specific platform, the reader will not be able to download the book, which means you’ve lost a sale. At Graham Publishing Group, we make sure all of your hard work in writing your book look the part when the reader opens the book or downloads the ebook.

You will need to buy an ISBN number for your book, and we will guide you through this process.

You will need to send an electronic version of your book to the US Copyright office, and we will guide you through this process.

Uploading Your Book
Now we are ready to upload your book to the printing house of your choice. We will make recommendations based upon your needs, and we will make certain the fully designed book is uploaded correctly. Lastly, we will upload the ebook to all the major online platforms and make it available for buyers everywhere.