What is Interior Book Design?

Star Revelations cover

A fantasy novel written by Steven Paul Terry and book design by Graham Publishing Group.

What is interior book design? And why is it important?

Interior book design is the process of taking your written manuscripts and producing a print-ready file. For most print-on-demand companies, two separate files are required, a print-ready cover and a print-ready interior file.

Your interior file must be formatted to the specifications of the print-on-demand company you choose for publication, for example, Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, or Lulu.

Equally as important are the design elements and how your book will present to the reader page to page.

Why is book design important?

Book design can absolutely affect book sales. The way your book is formatted can completely impact the reader’s experience. Also, you want the design and presentation of your book to reflect the hard work and passion you put into writing it.

Before the design process begins, below are some essential questions to discuss with your book designer.

  • Trim Size: What size book are we going to produce. Is it going to be a trade paperback or hardcover edition?
  • Genre: What genre is my book? What design elements not only fit in that genre but make your book stand out as well.
  • What fonts are we going to use? What are the chapter headings going to look like?
  • Pictures / Graphics: Are there images and graphics? How are those best incorporated?
  • Publication / Uploading: Where are we going to publish your book? What venue? Are the files going to be compatible with every major print-on-demand company?

In ever genre, fiction or Non-fiction or type of print book, these are all considerations and questions that will influence how your book will look in its final printed format.

If you need guidance or have questions, we are here to help. Please give us a call.

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